The alternator on your Dodge, whether it's a car, truck or van, is an essential piece of its electrical system. In fact, if the alternator is not working perfectly, your Dodge will soon begin to experience serious problems.

For example, with an improperly functioning alternator, the battery will quickly drain. Without a fully charged battery, the vehicle will not start. Thus, with a bad alternator, you face the risk of being stranded anywhere at any time.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to troubleshoot your Dodge's alternator in your own garage. Open the hood of your Dodge with the engine turned off. Locate the alternator. Depending on your model of Dodge, the location will vary. It will, though, have a belt running to it. Check this belt to make sure it is tight. If the belt is loose, you can try tightening it by adjusting the alternator on its mounting bracket. You will need a wrench or socket set to accomplish this.

Also, while you have your tools and with the engine still turned off, you should remove any guards or covers from the battery. Connect the digital voltmeter to your Dodge's battery terminals. Be sure to connect the positive clip on the volt voltmeter to the positive post and the negative clip to your battery's negative post. The reading you receive will reflect the charge of the battery alone.

A reading around A reading below 12 volts may indicate your Dodge's battery is the culprit. Charge the battery and, without running the car in the meantime, test it again the next day. Another low reading would mean that your battery is bad or that you have a short circuit in the wiring. Disconnect the voltmeter from the battery posts and ask a friend or family member to get behind the wheel and start the Dodge.

Then reconnect the voltmeter to the battery exactly as you did before. Now ask your friend or family member to turn on the Dodge's headlights and trip them to high beam. Look at the voltmeter. At this point, you should witness a reading anywhere from A variance of a few tenths of a volt is okay.


Now ask your friend or family member to increase the RPM of the Dodge to approximately 1, or a fast idle. Read the voltmeter again. This time a reading between Jordan answered 10 years ago. I had the same problem with my 99 rango battery would be flatter than a pancake after about 6 hours but not all the time. The cluster kept sweeping a little the volts the temp all cept the speedo and tach.

I could hear a little tick under the hood every few secs. I found some info about it being on the circuit with the interior lights which is fuse 12 if i unplugged it.

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I even thought it might be my power locks maybe one of them was not locking fully and draining that wasnt it either. Turns out if you look in the power distribution panel behind the battery were all the relays and big fuses are my problem was the blower motor relay i pulled it and fixed no more sweeps on the cluster and no more ticking and no more dead battery I hope this helps these trucks are kinda troublesome with their electrical components hopeing i dont get the nobus computer issue i have been reading about.

I removed the amp fuse as well as the radio fuse and it appears that the drain has stopped. You have to have a volt meter connected to your battery and take out one fuse at a time and see which one makes the volts go down when you remove it and take it from there when you find out which one it is. I have a 98 dodge durango and was having the same problem. We tested the alternator and it tested good. So we changed the pcmstarted right upthen it started draining again and shut down.

Auto zone told us we might have to take it to an electrician, we're like forget it. So we finally figured out the problem ourselves, it was the alternator fuse in the power distribution box near the battery. It's a amp alternator fuse. And now are truck is running great. We still got a new battery to be on the safe side. Hope this helps. Have any questions please feel free to email. Make sure before you put the fuse you have the battery cables disconnected. Keesha answered 5 years ago.

My battery on my 99 Durango wouldn't stay charged for at all I followed what Jose up there did with switching the alternator fuseband it's running great now!

2000 dodge durango 140 amp alternator fuse full

Nicholas answered 4 years ago. My alternator tested bad and battery kept training. The starter would just spin and spin and would start when it wanted. It was all that damn fuse.

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Alternator tests fine now and battery charges at it should. That fuse was the culprit of it all. Ncy answered 4 years ago. My99 Durango positive cable is always corroded and heats up. Pkez help.The drivers door automatic lock did not work so I locked the door manually. A standard diagnostic test did not find the problem. When locking the door manually, there is a constant 20 amp draw on the battery so every few days, the car would not start.

Definitely a pain in the ass. It is currently being fixed, I hope. Update from May 28, : Well, the door lock was fixed and there is still a battery draw.

Now they say its the computer. I told them about the rear window wiper that I saw on another complaint post. We'll see. Not sure what to check now, its relay from the alternator to the battery is not communicating properly. The battery goes completely dead after the Durango is turned off in about 4 hours.

I bought a new battery but experienced no change. I hooked an electrical tester between the ground post and ground cable and the light is on. I pulled the fuse for the parking and interior lights and the light dimmed and started blinking fast.

battery drain

I can here a faint ticking under the dash, but am not sure exactly where. The ticking matches the light blinking. I've traced all the wires I can find, but I'm not an electrician. I'm mad enough to eat fried chicken! Anybody got any ideas short of calling the marines and let them use it for target practice? Update from Apr 26, : I removed the inside panel on rear hatch. Unplugged the rear wiper and the problem was solved.

Afterward, I did some asking around and found this to be a problem on Durangos. One more thing. Tape the plug with some electrical tape to the door or it will rattle. My mechanic couldn't find the problem and I don't want to spend big bucks going to a dealer with gas being so high and now my stereo isn't gettin any power. Husband only knows that it's not the radio, it's the power source or lack of.

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If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Most Common Solutions: not sure 4 reports unplug the rear wiper 1 reports.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. After grounding out my alternator lead battery wire, I had to replace the amp fuse that connects to the alternator.

After replacing the fuse the car started up fine but upon driving home and shutting off the vehicle and trying to restart it I found that it didn't crank anymore. I open the hood to find my amp fuse that I had just bought has blown once again.

This is obviously a failure in my rewiring the battery lead on the alternator, but for the life of me I can't figure out where I went wrong.

My contacts don't ground and I cleaned all surfaces, yet I still blow a fuse every time. Can somebody please help? Due to the small amount of threaded post I had left, I tried to sit the wire directly onto and through the post the alternator. For some reason that setup was sending too much current? Like how the battery wires sit on a terminal and not the actual battery posts, and temporarily strapped the wire to the nut with an elastic band to keep it in contact with the makeshift terminal.

I have a Mitsubishi lancer, what kept occurring was a drainage in my battery. That was the problem for me.

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It was also showing a battery and brake light - another indication why I thought it was my alternator, but it was that fuse -- don't be fooled!! Sign up to join this community.

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Fuses and relay Dodge Durango

Why does my ALT fuse keep blowing? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 26k times. Nathaniel Davidson Nathaniel Davidson 1, 4 4 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.Subject: Alternator Fuseable Link Blowing I was driving home from work the other day and the "Check Gages" light came on.

I look to see what's going on and the voltmeter is down to 8 volts the same spot where it is when the truck is off. So I take it to Advance Auto Parts so they can check the alternator,on the truck. Their diagnosis, the alternator is not outputting what it should. Problem solved. I was taking the core back to the auto parts and same thing happened.

This time they check the battery and the machine said that the battery was good but it had a low charge.

Car Battery Dead? Check Your Alternator Fuse

They couldn't test my old alternator but Murrays could and come to find out my old alternator is just fine. I got to nosing around under the hood and I noticed the cover for the other set of fuses on the truck. There's a 50 amp fuseable link for the alternator and it's blown. Went to go to work this morning and got about 2 miles down the road and same thing as before, check engine light and 8 volts on the gage and the fuseable link is blown.

2000 Dodge Durango Alternator

Called the dealer today thinking there might be a voltage regulator that could be replaced and there isn't. Has anyone out there ran into this problem on a Dodge???

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I picked up another PCM and put it on and replaced the 50 amp fuseable link for the alternator and the same problem arises. It gets up to the normal 14 volts on the gage at idle, then when I bump the rpms up to about and hold it there the volt gage begins to drop. Shut the engine off and look at the fuseable link and it's blown, again. Anybody have any idea why this fuseable link keeps blowing??

2000 dodge durango 140 amp alternator fuse full

The alternator is fine, the battery is fine, and by installing another PCM I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. Thanks, Bill. IP: Logged Message: There could be a short in the system.ShereeShaw answered 4 years ago. I don't know if there is an actual fuse for the alternator. Most alternators have internal voltage regulators that fail. ShereeShaw answered 2 years ago. Jimmy answered about a year ago. It is the metal band that runs in the front of the the fuse box under the hood Change the alternator fuse on my Dodge Durango now I have no power no where I put the jumper cables on as soon as they go on it cuts the other vehicle off.

I have a Dodge Durango with a 3. Does it matter if I use the or the watt alte Shut off my Durango for a few minutes went to start it back up and nothing. Replaced Starter relay and 50amp square fuse in main fuse panel under the hood. And it blew the 50amp fuse again. I have a different car. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

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2000 dodge durango 140 amp alternator fuse full

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